Waterford Lismore
Waterford Lismore

Waterford Lismore Perfume

The brilliance of Waterford Crystal has inspired an enchanting perfume that fills the heart with all the joy and love and laughter that befit the most romantic perfume in the world.

Waterford Lismore Perfume is available in 1.7 oz. and 3.4 oz. sizes.

Waterford Lismore Bottle

The Lismore bottle takes the form of an exquisite vase in the Waterford Lismore pattern, which is America's Number 1 favorite and the world's most sought after Bridal Crystal.

Once the perfume is gone, this charming bottle will become a Lismore bud vase. Just remove the sprayer, place the silver ring atop the bottle, and add this lovely design to your Waterford collection.

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